Package com.thetransactioncompany.jsonrpc2

Classes to represent, parse and serialise JSON-RPC 2.0 requests, notifications and responses.

JSON-RPC is a protocol for remote procedure calls (RPC) using JSON - encoded requests and responses. It can be easily relayed over HTTP and is of JavaScript origin, making it ideal for use in dynamic web applications in the spirit of Ajax and Web 2.0.

This package implements version 2.0 of the protocol, with the exception of batching / multicall. This feature is deliberately left out as it tends to confuse users (judging by posts in the JSON-RPC forum).

See the JSON-RPC 2.0 specification for more information or write to the user group if you have questions.

Package dependencies: The classes in this package rely on the org.json.simple and org.json.simple.parser packages (version 1.1.1 and compabile) for JSON encoding and decoding. You can obtain them from the JSON-Smart website.

Vladimir Dzhuvinov