Package com.thetransactioncompany.jsonrpc2.server

Simple server framework for processing JSON-RPC 2.0 requests and notifications.


  1. Implement request and / or notification handlers for the various expected JSON-RPC 2.0 messages. A handler may process one or more request/notification methods (identified by method name).
  2. Create a new Dispatcher and register the handlers with it.
  3. Pass the received JSON-RPC 2.0 requests and notifications to the appropriate Dispatcher.dispatch(...) method, then, if the message is a request, pass the resulting JSON-RPC 2.0 response back to the client.

Direct package dependencies:

  • JSON-RPC 2.0 Base [com.thetransactioncompany.jsonrpc2] to construct and represent JSON-RPC 2.0 messages.
  • Java Servlet API [javax.servlet.http] for constructing MessageContext objects from HTTP servlet requests.
Vladimir Dzhuvinov