Package net.i2p.client.datagram

Provides a standard way for reading and writing messages transferred over I2P so that the recipient has an authenticated mechanism to reply to it. This is necessary because the base I2P message sent through I2PSession.sendMessage(, byte[]) has no "from" address, and simply providing a raw "from" address would be insecure as it could be spoofed. An application that needs to know for certain who sent a message to them should use the I2PDatagramDissector to parse the raw message received from the I2PSession, and in turn, use the I2PDatagramMaker to build a message that can be parsed.

The datagram format implemented here includes the sender's Destination, the payload, and a signature (signed by the sender's SigningPrivateKey). For DSA_SHA1 destinations, the signature is of the SHA-256 Hash of the payload. For other destination types, the signature is of the payload itself.