Package net.i2p.client.streaming.impl

Implementation of a TCP-like (reliable, authenticated, in order) set of sockets for communicating over the IP-like (unreliable, unauthenticated, unordered) I2P messages. This is the streaming implementation (moved for ticket #1135 to here). For the API (which you probably want), see ministreaming. Clients should not need to access anything in this package directly. Use the interfaces and factory in net.i2p.streaming. Note that this class is split across two jars, streaming.jar and ministreaming.jar. The interfaces and some code are in ministreaming.jar, but the real work gets done in streaming.jar. Clients must have both jars in their classpath. Most clients will require (only) streaming.jar, ministreaming.jar, and i2p.jar in their classpath to communicate with the router.