Class I2PTunnelOutproxyRunner

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    public class I2PTunnelOutproxyRunner
    extends I2PAppThread
    Like I2PTunnelRunner but socket-to-socket Warning - not maintained as a stable API for external use.
    • Field Detail

      • _log

        protected final Log _log
      • finished

        volatile boolean finished
    • Constructor Detail

      • I2PTunnelOutproxyRunner

        public I2PTunnelOutproxyRunner​(Socket s,
                                       Socket i2ps,
                                       Object slock,
                                       byte[] initialI2PData,
                                       byte[] initialSocketData,
                                       I2PTunnelRunner.FailCallback onTimeout)
        Does NOT start itself. Caller must call start().
        slock - the socket lock, non-null
        initialI2PData - may be null
        onTimeout - May be null. If non-null and no data (except initial data) was received, it will be run before closing s.