Class SessionKeyAndNonce

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, DataStructure

    class SessionKeyAndNonce
    extends SessionKey
    A session key is 32 bytes of data. Nonce should be 65535 or less.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SessionKeyAndNonce

        public SessionKeyAndNonce​(byte[] data,
                                  int nonce)
        For Existing Session
      • SessionKeyAndNonce

        public SessionKeyAndNonce​(HandshakeState state)
        For New Session Replies
    • Method Detail

      • getNonce

        public int getNonce()
        For ES, else 0
      • getHandshakeState

        public HandshakeState getHandshakeState()
        For inbound NSR only, else null. MUST be cloned before processing NSR.