Class I2PHMac

  • class I2PHMac
    extends Object
    HMAC implementation based on RFC2104 H(K XOR opad, H(K XOR ipad, text)) modified by jrandom to use the session key byte array directly and to cache a frequently used buffer (called on doFinal). changes released into the public domain in 2005. This is renamed from HMac because the constructor HMac(digest, sz) does not exist in the standard bouncycastle library, thus it conflicts in JVMs that contain the standard library (Android). As of 0.9.12, refactored to use standard MessageDigest. Deprecated - Do not use outside of router or Syndie. Not a public API - Not for external use!
    0.9.43 moved from org.bouncycastle.oldcrypto.macs
    • Constructor Detail

      • I2PHMac

        public I2PHMac​(MessageDigest digest)
        Use javax.crypto.Mac
        Standard HMAC, size == digest size.
      • I2PHMac

        public I2PHMac​(MessageDigest digest,
                       int sz)
        sz - override the digest's size, nonstandard if different. SEE NOTES in HMACGenerator about why this isn't compatible with standard HmacMD5
    • Method Detail

      • getAlgorithmName

        public String getAlgorithmName()
      • getUnderlyingDigest

        public MessageDigest getUnderlyingDigest()
      • init

        public void init​(byte[] key)
      • getMacSize

        public int getMacSize()
      • update

        public void update​(byte in)
      • update

        public void update​(byte[] in,
                           int inOff,
                           int len)
      • doFinal

        public int doFinal​(byte[] out,
                           int outOff)
      • reset

        public void reset()
        Reset the mac generator.