Class PeerTestState

  • class PeerTestState
    extends Object
    Track the state of a peer test. Used only by PeerTestManager.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PeerTestState

        public PeerTestState​(PeerTestState.Role role,
                             boolean isIPv6,
                             long nonce,
                             long now)
    • Method Detail

      • getNonce

        public long getNonce()
      • isIPv6

        public boolean isIPv6()
        Is this an IPv6 test?
      • getAliceIP

        public InetAddress getAliceIP()
        If we are Alice, this will contain the IP that Bob says we can be reached at - the IP Charlie says we can be reached at is _aliceIPFromCharlie
      • setAliceIP

        public void setAliceIP​(InetAddress ip)
      • setCharlieIP

        public void setCharlieIP​(InetAddress ip)
      • getAliceIPFromCharlie

        public InetAddress getAliceIPFromCharlie()
      • setAliceIPFromCharlie

        public void setAliceIPFromCharlie​(InetAddress ip)
      • getAlicePort

        public int getAlicePort()
        If we are Alice, this will contain the port that Bob says we can be reached at - the port Charlie says we can be reached at is _alicePortFromCharlie
      • setAlicePort

        public void setAlicePort​(int alicePort)
      • getBobPort

        public int getBobPort()
      • setBobPort

        public void setBobPort​(int bobPort)
      • getCharliePort

        public int getCharliePort()
      • setCharliePort

        public void setCharliePort​(int charliePort)
      • getAlicePortFromCharlie

        public int getAlicePortFromCharlie()
      • setAlicePortFromCharlie

        public void setAlicePortFromCharlie​(int alicePortFromCharlie)
      • getAliceIntroKey

        public SessionKey getAliceIntroKey()
      • setAliceIntroKey

        public void setAliceIntroKey​(SessionKey key)
      • getCharlieIntroKey

        public SessionKey getCharlieIntroKey()
      • setCharlieIntroKey

        public void setCharlieIntroKey​(SessionKey key)
      • getBobCipherKey

        public SessionKey getBobCipherKey()
      • setBobCipherKey

        public void setBobCipherKey​(SessionKey key)
      • setBobMACKey

        public void setBobMACKey​(SessionKey key)
      • getBeginTime

        public long getBeginTime()
        when did this test begin?
      • getLastSendTime

        public long getLastSendTime()
        when did we last send out a packet?
      • setLastSendTime

        public void setLastSendTime​(long when)
      • getReceiveAliceTime

        public long getReceiveAliceTime()
        when did we last hear from alice?
      • setReceiveAliceTime

        public void setReceiveAliceTime​(long when)
      • getReceiveBobTime

        public long getReceiveBobTime()
        when did we last hear from bob?
      • setReceiveBobTime

        public void setReceiveBobTime​(long when)
      • getReceiveCharlieTime

        public long getReceiveCharlieTime()
        when did we last hear from charlie?
      • setReceiveCharlieTime

        public void setReceiveCharlieTime​(long when)
      • incrementPacketsRelayed

        public int incrementPacketsRelayed()
        new value