Class SimpleBandwidthEstimator

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    class SimpleBandwidthEstimator
    extends Object
    implements BandwidthEstimator
    A Westwood+ bandwidth estimator with a first stage anti-aliasing low pass filter based on RTT, and the time-varying Westwood filter based on inter-arrival time. Ref: TCP Westwood: End-to-End Congestion Control for Wired/Wireless Networks Casetti et al (Westwood) Ref: End-to-End Bandwidth Estimation for Congestion Control in Packet Networks Grieco and Mascolo (Westwood+) Adapted from: Linux kernel tcp_westwood.c (GPLv2)
    0.9.49 adapted from streaming
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      • addSample

        public void addSample​(int acked)
        Records an arriving ack.
        Specified by:
        addSample in interface BandwidthEstimator
        acked - how many bytes were acked with this ack