Class UDPSender

  • class UDPSender
    extends Object
    Lowest level packet sender, pushes anything on its queue ASAP. There is a UDPSender for each UDPEndpoint. It contains a thread and a queue. Packet to be sent are queued by the PacketPusher.
    • Method Detail

      • startup

        public void startup()
        Cannot be restarted (socket is final)
      • shutdown

        public void shutdown()
      • clear

        public void clear()
        Clear outbound queue, probably in preparation for sending destroy() to everybody.
      • add

        public void add​(UDPPacket packet,
                        int blockTime)
        use add(packet)
        Add the packet to the queue. This may block until there is space available, if requested, otherwise it returns immediately
        blockTime - how long to block IGNORED
      • add

        public void add​(UDPPacket packet)
        Put it on the queue. BLOCKING if queue is full (backs up PacketPusher thread)