Class ConfigStatsHelper

  • public class ConfigStatsHelper
    extends HelperBase
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConfigStatsHelper

        public ConfigStatsHelper()
    • Method Detail

      • setContextId

        public void setContextId​(String contextId)
        Configure this bean to query a particular router context
        setContextId in class HelperBase
        contextId - beginning few characters of the routerHash, or null to pick the first one we come across.
      • shouldShowLog

        public boolean shouldShowLog()
        Just hide for everybody unless already set. To enable set advanced config stat.logFilters=foo before starting... it has to be set at startup anyway for logging to be enabled at all
      • getFilename

        public String getFilename()
      • hasMoreStats

        public boolean hasMoreStats()
        move the cursor to the next known stat, returning true if a valid stat is available.
        true if a valid stat is available, otherwise false
      • groupRequired

        public boolean groupRequired()
        Is the current stat the first in the group?
      • getCurrentGroupName

        public String getCurrentGroupName()
        What group is the current stat in, untranslated, not for display
        single word, no spaces
      • getTranslatedGroupName

        public String getTranslatedGroupName()
        What group is the current stat in, display name, translated
      • getCurrentStatName

        public String getCurrentStatName()
      • getCurrentGraphName

        public String getCurrentGraphName()
      • getCurrentStatDescription

        public String getCurrentStatDescription()
      • getCurrentIsLogged

        public boolean getCurrentIsLogged()
      • getCurrentIsGraphed

        public boolean getCurrentIsGraphed()
      • getCurrentCanBeGraphed

        public boolean getCurrentCanBeGraphed()
      • getExplicitFilter

        public String getExplicitFilter()
      • getIsFull

        public boolean getIsFull()