Class EventLogHelper

  • public class EventLogHelper
    extends FormHandler
    • Constructor Detail

      • EventLogHelper

        public EventLogHelper()
    • Method Detail

      • processForm

        protected void processForm()
        Description copied from class: FormHandler
        Implement this to perform the final processing (in turn, adding formNotice and formError messages, etc) Will only be called if _action is non-null and the nonce is valid.
        Specified by:
        processForm in class FormHandler
      • setContextId

        public void setContextId​(String contextId)
        set the defaults after we have a context
        setContextId in class FormHandler
        contextId - beginning few characters of the routerHash, or null to pick the first one we come across.
      • setFrom

        public void setFrom​(String s)
      • setType

        public void setType​(String s)
      • getForm

        public String getForm()
      • getEvents

        public String getEvents()