Class SummaryHelper

  • public class SummaryHelper
    extends HelperBase
    Simple helper to query the appropriate router for data necessary to render the summary sections on the router console. For the full summary bar use renderSummaryBar()
    • Constructor Detail

      • SummaryHelper

        public SummaryHelper()
    • Method Detail

      • getIdent

        public String getIdent()
        Retrieve the shortened 4 character ident for the router located within the current JVM at the given context.
      • getVersion

        public String getVersion()
        Retrieve the version number of the router.
      • getUptime

        public String getUptime()
        Retrieve a pretty printed uptime count (ala 4d or 7h or 39m)
      • allowReseed

        public boolean allowReseed()
      • getAllPeers

        public int getAllPeers()
        subtract one for ourselves, so if we know no other peers it displays zero
      • getMemory

        public String getMemory()
        Retrieve amount of used memory.
        0.9.32 uncommented
      • getMemoryBar

        public String getMemoryBar()
      • getActivePeers

        public int getActivePeers()
        How many peers we are talking to now
      • showFirewallWarning

        public boolean showFirewallWarning()
        Should we warn about a possible firewall problem?
      • getActiveProfiles

        public int getActiveProfiles()
        How many active identities have we spoken with recently
      • getFastPeers

        public int getFastPeers()
        How many active peers the router ranks as fast.
      • getHighCapacityPeers

        public int getHighCapacityPeers()
        How many active peers the router ranks as having a high capacity.
      • getWellIntegratedPeers

        public int getWellIntegratedPeers()
        How many active peers the router ranks as well integrated.
      • getFailingPeers

        public int getFailingPeers()
        How many peers the router ranks as failing.
        0.9.32 uncommented
      • getBanlistedPeers

        public int getBanlistedPeers()
        How many peers are banned.
        0.9.32 uncommented
      • getSecondKBps

        public String getSecondKBps()
        "x.xx / y.yy {K|M}"
      • getFiveMinuteKBps

        public String getFiveMinuteKBps()
        "x.xx / y.yy {K|M}"
      • getLifetimeKBps

        public String getLifetimeKBps()
        "x.xx / y.yy {K|M}"
      • getInboundTransferred

        public String getInboundTransferred()
        How much data have we received since the router started (pretty printed string with 2 decimal places and the appropriate units - GB/MB/KB/bytes)
      • getOutboundTransferred

        public String getOutboundTransferred()
        How much data have we sent since the router started (pretty printed string with 2 decimal places and the appropriate units - GB/MB/KB/bytes)
      • getDestinations

        public String getDestinations()
        Client destinations connected locally.
        html section summary
      • getInboundTunnels

        public int getInboundTunnels()
        How many free inbound tunnels we have.
      • getOutboundTunnels

        public int getOutboundTunnels()
        How many active outbound tunnels we have.
      • getInboundClientTunnels

        public int getInboundClientTunnels()
        How many inbound client tunnels we have.
      • getOutboundClientTunnels

        public int getOutboundClientTunnels()
        How many active outbound client tunnels we have.
      • getParticipatingTunnels

        public int getParticipatingTunnels()
        How many tunnels we are participating in.
      • getShareRatio

        public String getShareRatio()
      • getJobLag

        public String getJobLag()
        How lagged our job queue is over the last minute (pretty printed with the units attached)
      • getMessageDelay

        public String getMessageDelay()
        How long it takes us to pump out a message, averaged over the last minute (pretty printed with the units attached)
      • getTunnelLag

        public String getTunnelLag()
        How long it takes us to test our tunnels, averaged over the last 10 minutes (pretty printed with the units attached)
      • getTunnelStatus

        public String getTunnelStatus()
      • getInboundBacklog

        public String getInboundBacklog()
      • getUpdateStatus

        public String getUpdateStatus()
        The update status and buttons
        0.8.13 moved from SummaryBarRenderer
      • getRestartStatus

        public String getRestartStatus()
        The restart status and buttons
        0.8.13 moved from SummaryBarRenderer
      • getFirewallAndReseedStatus

        public String getFirewallAndReseedStatus()
        The firewall status and reseed status/buttons
        0.9 moved from SummaryBarRenderer
      • storeNewsHelper

        public void storeNewsHelper​(NewsHelper n)
      • getNewsHelper

        public NewsHelper getNewsHelper()
      • getSummaryBarSections

        public List<String> getSummaryBarSections​(String page)
      • renderSummaryBar

        public void renderSummaryBar()
                              throws IOException
        output the summary bar to _out
      • setAction

        public void setAction​(String s)
      • getAction

        public String getAction()
      • setConsoleNonce

        public void setConsoleNonce​(String s)
      • getConsoleNonce

        public String getConsoleNonce()
      • setUpdateNonce

        public void setUpdateNonce​(String s)
      • getUpdateNonce

        public String getUpdateNonce()
      • setRequestURI

        public void setRequestURI​(String s)
      • getRequestURI

        public String getRequestURI()
        non-null; "/home" if (strangely) not set by jsp
      • getConfigTable

        public String getConfigTable()