Package net.i2p.util

Class EventDispatcherImpl

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    I2PTunnel, I2PTunnelTask

    public class EventDispatcherImpl
    extends Object
    implements EventDispatcher
    An implementation of the EventDispatcher interface. Since Java doesn't support multiple inheritance, you could follow the style: this class should be instantiated and kept as a variable by each object it is used by, ala: private final EventDispatcher _event = new EventDispatcher(); Deprecated - Used only by I2PTunnel If there is anything in here that doesn't make sense, turn off your computer and go fly a kite - (c) 2004 by jrandom
    human, jrandom
    • Constructor Detail

      • EventDispatcherImpl

        public EventDispatcherImpl()
    • Method Detail

      • attachEventDispatcher

        public void attachEventDispatcher​(EventDispatcher ev)
        Description copied from interface: EventDispatcher
        Attach an EventDispatcher object to the events dispatching chain. Note that notification is not bidirectional (i.e. events notified to ev won't reach the object calling this method). Good luck, and beware of notification loops! :-)
        Specified by:
        attachEventDispatcher in interface EventDispatcher
        ev - Event object to be attached
      • notifyEvent

        public void notifyEvent​(String eventName,
                                Object args)
        Description copied from interface: EventDispatcher
        Deliver an event
        Specified by:
        notifyEvent in interface EventDispatcher
        eventName - name of the event
        args - data being stored for that event
      • getEventValue

        public Object getEventValue​(String name)
        Description copied from interface: EventDispatcher
        Retrieve the value currently associated with the specified event value
        Specified by:
        getEventValue in interface EventDispatcher
        name - name of the event to query for
        value (or null if none are available)
      • getEvents

        public Set<String> getEvents()
        Description copied from interface: EventDispatcher
        Retrieve the names of all the events that have been received
        Specified by:
        getEvents in interface EventDispatcher
        A set of event names
      • waitEventValue

        public Object waitEventValue​(String name)
        Description copied from interface: EventDispatcher
        Wait until the given event has received a value
        Specified by:
        waitEventValue in interface EventDispatcher
        name - name of the event to wait for
        value specified for that event