Package net.i2p.util

Class PartialEepGet

  • public class PartialEepGet
    extends EepGet
    Fetch exactly the first 'size' bytes into a stream Anything less or more will throw an IOException No retries, no min and max size options, no timeout option If the server does not return a Content-Length header of the correct size, the fetch will fail. Useful for checking .sud versions
    • Constructor Detail

      • PartialEepGet

        public PartialEepGet​(I2PAppContext ctx,
                             String proxyHost,
                             int proxyPort,
                             OutputStream outputStream,
                             String url,
                             long size)
        Instantiate an EepGet that will fetch exactly size bytes when fetch() is called.
        proxyHost - use null or "" for no proxy
        proxyPort - use 0 for no proxy
        size - fetch exactly this many bytes