Interface CoordinatorListener

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    FetchAndAdd, Snark

    interface CoordinatorListener
    Callback used when some peer changes state.
    • Method Detail

      • peerChange

        void peerChange​(PeerCoordinator coordinator,
                        Peer peer)
        Called when the PeerCoordinator notices a change in the state of a peer.
      • gotMetaInfo

        void gotMetaInfo​(PeerCoordinator coordinator,
                         MetaInfo metainfo)
        Called when the PeerCoordinator got the MetaInfo via magnet.
      • overUploadLimit

        boolean overUploadLimit​(int uploaders)
        Is this number of uploaders over the per-torrent limit?
      • overUpBWLimit

        boolean overUpBWLimit()
        Is i2psnark as a whole over its limit?
      • overUpBWLimit

        boolean overUpBWLimit​(long total)
        Is a particular peer who has this recent download rate (in Bps) over our upstream bandwidth limit?
      • addMessage

        void addMessage​(String message)