Class RouterIdentity

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, DataStructure

    public class RouterIdentity
    extends KeysAndCert
    Defines the unique identifier of a router, including any certificate or public key. As of 0.9.9 this data structure is immutable after the two keys and the certificate are set; attempts to change them will throw an IllegalStateException.
    0.9.16 moved from
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      • RouterIdentity

        public RouterIdentity()
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      • isHidden

        public boolean isHidden()
        This router specified that they should not be used as a part of a tunnel, nor queried for the netDb, and that disclosure of their contact information should be limited. This is ONLY if the certificate is a hidden type. Hidden mode may also be specified with a capability in the RouterInfo. Not recommended for direct use. Use of RouterInfo.isHidden() (which calls this) is preferred.