Class I2PSOCKSTunnel

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        protected static final int INITIAL_SO_TIMEOUT
        This is a standard soTimeout, not a total timeout. We have no slowloris protection on the client side. See I2PTunnelHTTPServer or SAM's ReadLine if we need that.
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      • I2PSOCKSTunnel

        public I2PSOCKSTunnel​(int localPort,
                              Logging l,
                              boolean ownDest,
                              EventDispatcher notifyThis,
                              I2PTunnel tunnel,
                              String pkf)
        As of 0.9.20 this is fast, and does NOT connect the manager to the router, or open the local socket. You MUST call startRunning() for that.
        pkf - private key file name or null for transient key
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      • clientConnectionRun

        protected void clientConnectionRun​(Socket s)
        Description copied from class: I2PTunnelClientBase
        Manage a connection in a separate thread. This only works if you do not override manageConnection(). This is run in a thread from an unlimited-size thread pool, so it may block or run indefinitely.
        Specified by:
        clientConnectionRun in class I2PTunnelClientBase
      • getProxies

        public List<String> getProxies​(int port)
      • getDefaultProxies

        public List<String> getDefaultProxies()
      • buildOptions

        public I2PSocketOptions buildOptions​(Properties overrides)
        Because getDefaultOptions() in super() is protected