Class CreateRouterInfoJob

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    public class CreateRouterInfoJob
    extends JobImpl
    Warning - misnamed. This creates a new RouterIdentity, i.e. new router keys and hash. It then builds a new RouterInfo and saves all the keys. This is generally run only once, on a new install.
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      • getName

        public String getName()
        Description copied from interface: Job
        Descriptive name of the task
      • runJob

        public void runJob()
        Description copied from interface: Job
        Actually perform the task. This call blocks until the Job is complete.
      • createRouterInfo

        RouterInfo createRouterInfo()
        Writes 6 files: (standard RI format), router.keys.dat, and 4 individual key files under keyBackup/ router.keys.dat file format: This is the same "eepPriv.dat" format used by the client code, as documented in PrivateKeyFile. Old router.keys file format: Note that this is NOT the same "eepPriv.dat" format used by the client code.
           - Private key (256 bytes)
           - Signing Private key (20 bytes)
           - Public key (256 bytes)
           - Signing Public key (128 bytes)
          Total 660 bytes
        Caller must hold Router.routerInfoFileLock.
      • getSigTypeConfig

        public static SigType getSigTypeConfig​(RouterContext ctx)
        The configured SigType to expect on read-in
      • getEncTypeConfig

        public static EncType getEncTypeConfig​(RouterContext ctx)
        The configured EncType to expect on read-in
      • getCurrentPublishDate

        static long getCurrentPublishDate​(RouterContext context)
        We probably don't want to expose the exact time at which a router published its info. perhaps round down to the nearest minute? 10 minutes? 30 minutes? day?