Class RebuildRouterInfoJob

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    class RebuildRouterInfoJob
    extends JobImpl
    This used be called from StartAcceptingClientsJob but is now disabled. It is still called once from LoadRouterInfoJob (but not run as a Job). The following comments appear to be incorrect... it rebuilds if the file does not exist. There is no check for a file. If the file exists, rebuild the router info and republish. This is useful for dhcp or other situations where the router addresses change - simply create the file after modifying router.config and within 45 seconds (the current check frequency), the router info will be rebuilt with new addresses and stats, as well as a new version, then republished. Afterwards, the file is deleted
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      • RebuildRouterInfoJob

        public RebuildRouterInfoJob​(RouterContext context)
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      • getName

        public String getName()
        Description copied from interface: Job
        Descriptive name of the task
      • runJob

        public void runJob()
        Description copied from interface: Job
        Actually perform the task. This call blocks until the Job is complete.
      • rebuildRouterInfo

        void rebuildRouterInfo()
      • rebuildRouterInfo

        void rebuildRouterInfo​(boolean alreadyRunning)
        alreadyRunning - unused