Class StartupJob

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    public class StartupJob
    extends JobImpl
    The StartupJob should be run once on router startup to initialize the system and set things in motion. This task loads the router configuration and then queues up a LoadRouterInfoJob, which reads the old RouterInfo structure from a previously saved version on disk. If it can't find one, it fires up a CreateRouterInfoJob which builds a new one from scratch, including a new RouterIdentity and then reruns the LoadRouterInfoJob. After that the router begins listening on its ports by running the BootCommSystemJob which is followed by the BootNetworkDbJob, though BuildTrustedLinksJob may occur as well. After running the BootNetworkDbJob, the final StartAcceptingClientsJob is queued up, which finishes the startup.
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        public String getName()
        Description copied from interface: Job
        Descriptive name of the task
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        public void runJob()
        Description copied from interface: Job
        Actually perform the task. This call blocks until the Job is complete.