Class ExploratoryPeerSelector

  • class ExploratoryPeerSelector
    extends TunnelPeerSelector
    Pick peers randomly out of the not-failing pool, and put them into a tunnel ordered by XOR distance from a random key.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExploratoryPeerSelector

        public ExploratoryPeerSelector​(RouterContext context)
    • Method Detail

      • selectPeers

        public List<Hash> selectPeers​(TunnelPoolSettings settings)
        Returns ENDPOINT FIRST, GATEWAY LAST!!!! In: us .. closest .. middle .. IBGW Out: OBGW .. middle .. closest .. us
        Specified by:
        selectPeers in class TunnelPeerSelector
        ordered list of Hash objects (one per peer) specifying what order they should appear in a tunnel (ENDPOINT FIRST). This includes the local router in the list. If there are no tunnels or peers to build through, and the settings reject 0 hop tunnels, this will return null.