Class NewsHandler

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Checker, Updater

    class NewsHandler
    extends UpdateHandler
    implements Checker
    Task to periodically look for updates to the news.xml, and to keep track of whether that has an announcement for a new version. Overrides UpdateRunner for convenience, this is not an Updater
    0.9.4 moved from NewsFetcher
    • Method Detail

      • check

        public UpdateTask check​(UpdateType type,
                                UpdateMethod method,
                                String id,
                                String currentVersion,
                                long maxTime)
        This will check for news or router updates (it does the same thing). Should not block.
        Specified by:
        check in interface Checker
        currentVersion - ignored, stored locally
        id - plugin name or ignored
        maxTime - how long you have
        active task or null if unable to check