Class Service

  • public class Service
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • Service

        public Service()
      • Service

        public Service​(Node node)
    • Method Detail

      • getServiceNode

        public Node getServiceNode()
      • lock

        public void lock()
      • unlock

        public void unlock()
      • isServiceNode

        public static boolean isServiceNode​(Node node)
      • getDevice

        public Device getDevice()
      • getRootDevice

        public Device getRootDevice()
      • setServiceType

        public void setServiceType​(String value)
      • getServiceType

        public String getServiceType()
      • setServiceID

        public void setServiceID​(String value)
      • getServiceID

        public String getServiceID()
      • updateConfigId

        public void updateConfigId()
      • getConfigId

        public int getConfigId()
      • setSCPDURL

        public void setSCPDURL​(String value)
      • getSCPDURL

        public String getSCPDURL()
      • isSCPDURL

        public boolean isSCPDURL​(String url)
      • setControlURL

        public void setControlURL​(String value)
      • getControlURL

        public String getControlURL()
      • isControlURL

        public boolean isControlURL​(String url)
      • setEventSubURL

        public void setEventSubURL​(String value)
      • getEventSubURL

        public String getEventSubURL()
      • isEventSubURL

        public boolean isEventSubURL​(String url)
      • setDescriptionURL

        public void setDescriptionURL​(String value)
      • getDescriptionURL

        public String getDescriptionURL()
      • getSCPDData

        public byte[] getSCPDData()
      • getActionList

        public ActionList getActionList()
      • getAction

        public Action getAction​(String actionName)
      • addAction

        public void addAction​(Action a)
      • hasStateVariable

        public boolean hasStateVariable​(String name)
      • isService

        public boolean isService​(String name)
      • announce

        public void announce​(String bindAddr)
      • byebye

        public void byebye​(String bindAddr)
      • serviceSearchResponse

        public boolean serviceSearchResponse​(SSDPPacket ssdpPacket)
      • setQueryListener

        public void setQueryListener​(QueryListener queryListener)
      • addSubscriber

        public void addSubscriber​(Subscriber sub)
      • removeSubscriber

        public void removeSubscriber​(Subscriber sub)
      • notifyAllStateVariables

        public void notifyAllStateVariables()
      • getSID

        public String getSID()
      • setSID

        public void setSID​(String id)
      • clearSID

        public void clearSID()
      • hasSID

        public boolean hasSID()
      • isSubscribed

        public boolean isSubscribed()
      • getTimeout

        public long getTimeout()
      • setTimeout

        public void setTimeout​(long value)
      • setActionListener

        public void setActionListener​(ActionListener listener)
      • addStateVariable

        public void addStateVariable​(StateVariable var)
        Add the StateVariable to the service.

        Note: This method should be used to create a dynamic
        Device withtout writing any XML that describe the device
        Note: that no control for duplicate StateVariable is done.
        var - StateVariable that will be added
      • setUserData

        public void setUserData​(Object data)
      • getUserData

        public Object getUserData()