Class I2PTunnelIRCServer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Runnable, EventDispatcher

    public class I2PTunnelIRCServer
    extends I2PTunnelServer
    implements Runnable
    Simple extension to the I2PTunnelServer that filters the registration sequence to pass the destination hash of the client through as the hostname, so an IRC Server may track users across nick changes. Of course, this requires the ircd actually use the hostname sent by the client rather than the IP. It is common for ircds to ignore the hostname in the USER message (unless it's coming from another server) since it is easily spoofed. So you have to fix or, if you are lucky, configure your ircd first. At least in unrealircd and ngircd this is not configurable. There are three options for mangling the desthash. Put the option in the "custom options" section of i2ptunnel. - ircserver.method unset: Defaults to user. - ircserver.method=user: Use method described above. - ircserver.method=webirc: Use the WEBIRC protocol. - ircserver.cloakKey unset: Cloak with a random value that is persistent for the life of this tunnel. This is the default. - ircserver.cloakKey=somepassphrase: Cloak with the hash of the passphrase. Use this to have consistent mangling across restarts, or to have multiple IRC servers cloak consistently to be able to track users even when they switch servers. Note: don't quote or put spaces in the passphrase, the i2ptunnel gui can't handle it. - ircserver.webircPassword=password The password to use for the WEBIRC protocol. - ircserver.webircSpoofIP=IP The IP - ircserver.fakeHostname=%f.b32.i2p: Set the fake hostname sent by I2PTunnel, %f is the full B32 destination hash %c is the cloaked hash. There is no outbound filtering.