Package net.i2p.util

Class ReusableGZIPOutputStream

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Closeable, Flushable, AutoCloseable

    public class ReusableGZIPOutputStream
    extends ResettableGZIPOutputStream
    Provide a cache of reusable GZIP streams, each handling up to 40 KB output without expansion. This compresses to memory only. Retrieve the compressed data with getData(). There is no facility to compress to an output stream. Do NOT use this for compression of unlimited-size data, as it will expand, but never release, the BAOS memory buffer.
    • Method Detail

      • release

        public static void release​(ReusableGZIPOutputStream out)
        Release an instance back into the cache (this will discard any state)
      • setLevel

        public void setLevel​(int level)
      • getData

        public byte[] getData()
        pull the contents of the stream written
      • clearCache

        public static void clearCache()
        Clear the cache.